Delicious and simple.

(You can make this recipe with plant-based milk and coconut ‘yoghurt’ OR use 1 can of organic fairtrade coconut cream without emulsifier. Use the coconut water from the can for the pudding and the thick cream from the same can for the topping.)


For the chia pudding

2 tbs chia seeds
120 ml plant based milk of choice (oat, coconut, soy, rice etc all work well) OR coconut water
1 blood orange (normal orange works as well)
1 large ts sweetener (agave syrup, honey, sugar etc)

For the topping

Coconut yoghurt OR thick coconut cream
Piece of blood orange
Mint leaves


Blender or immersion blender (Dutch: staafmixer)



Use a sharp knife to cut first the top cap, then the bottom cap off the orange and then around the flesh, removing only the peel. Scrape orange leftovers from the peel with a teaspoon if you’ve cut too much off.

Take the pieces apart, remove the white thingy in the middle and add the orange pieces together with the milk or coconut water and sweetener in your mixing glass or blender.

Roughly blend those three ingredients together using a blender or immersion blender (Dutch: staafmixer).

Now add the mixture to the chia seeds, stir well and put in the refrigerator. The seeds will soak up the moisture and swell, thickening and gelatinizing the mixture to a delicious pudding. After 1 hour, stir again. After another 30 minutes or more (you could also keep them overnight) take out of the fridge, add coconut yoghurt or thick cream, top with orange and mint… Yummy!