Waking up

Very early this morning, after just four hours of sleep, i woke up filled with inspiration. Got up at six to draw some mindmaps. The essence:

(Re)create healthy habits. Journal (on it right now). Get people involved (dito).

Yesterday was a turning point

Yesterday, following an unpleasant weekend, i found myself at a party feeling lost. I went home yearning for peace and quietness.

It’s been a long time since i felt this way. What happened?

For some weeks now, i have been feeling increasingly off-balance. Eating not-so-healthy foods, hardly exercising or practicing yoga, disregarding my feelings and loading myself with work didn’t help.

I went to the party and felt a bit overwhelmed with the whole happening. When i needed to back away, i couldn’t. The sharpness of my soul crying for some space and the utter inability to change my own behavior felt devastating. I was alarmed by my own absence of centeredness and willfulness. It woke me up: something needed to change.

My body was shaking with sadness and anger undealt with in the weeks before. I felt an urge to move and cry. The friends whom i shared it with, were of great support. Roald asked me what it was i needed (‘a strong presence to rest in’), and invited me to envision what it would be like to find this within myself. Toby invited me to spend a day in nature with him. Ronja hugged me softly and told me she loved me.

I feel so incredibly rich to have friends like them.

What is it you really like to do?

A few hours earlier, on that Sunday early evening while i was doing some work sitting on the couch, my love Marco* had asked me: “Tell me, what is it that you really, REALLY like to do in life?”

I couldn’t find an answer! I just forgot. I felt worthless, agitated, tired. And still, i kept on working.

When i finally closed my laptop and was alone for a bit, only then some space emerged.

Suddenly, the movement came automatically: i opened Spotify, played some music, got up and danced into my little kitchen.

Cook! I love to cook.

Some inspirators

The past few weeks weren’t all that bad! I have met wonderful people and worked on some pretty cool projects.

Paul Ricken

One of them is Paul Ricken’s new website (now live at Paulricken.nl). Paul had lost his mojo for a while and then found it through a friend who read him a poem. This experience unleashed an unstoppable amount of energy and the ability to create ideas and content like never before. Working with Paul has inspired me to start to journal regularly and share the process with YOU.

Rita Zeelenberg

Then there’s Rita Zeelenberg, the owner of Mindful Eten (Dutch for Mindful Eating, we’re in the process of a big website restyling and addition of some very cool new features). Rita is a smart and committed professional and writes great articles. For you Dutchies: here’s her blog that inspired me this morning before i started to write this very post: 11 psychologische doetips voor je eetgedrag.

Marileen Arbouw

Next, there’s Marileen. My beloved princess-cookie-friend with whom i catered many a dish (vegan, organic, gluten-free, colorful & delicious) for groups of meditators and soul travelers. Yesterday, she published her website Marileenarbouw.nl which showcases her amazing artistic design and food creation talents. She got me all bubbly and full of inspiration to finish and publish this website (the one you’re reading right now).

Toby Sebastian

And then: Toby. When i’m around him, my heart opens and random thoughts dissolve into deep understanding. Toby just moved from England to The Netherlands and will be sharing his awakened insights in informal get-togethers, breathing life into a new project (including website) featuring today’s most valued spiritual teachers. (Update! Toby’s website is now live at tobysebastian.org.)

Wow, right?

Living a life in tune with your deepest values is easier when you surround yourself with people already living theirs. And i am so lucky to say there is an abundance of inspirators in my life.

Creating habits for a healthy, conscious, minimal, joyful, connected, meaningful life of abundance and freedom is something i (will) write about regularly. Sharing experiences and growing up in public ;).

Do you feel like joining in or just giving me a thumbs up? Let me know in the comments which habits you’d like to create for yourself and WHY.


* Update: things change and now years later, Judith and Marco are no longer together as a couple. We are still close friends.