Ahhh yes this one is a classic, fun to make and a big winner – probably because of its nice warm flavors.

I bought the ingredients already sliced in julienne. If you want to do it yourself, a julienne cutter comes in very handy.

Recipe for Sweet & Spicy Carrot Beetroot salad

serves 4, as a side dish

  • one handful of raw carrot, en julienne
  • one handful of beetroot, en julienne (raw or cooked, i used cooked)
  • ginger syrup, two tablespoons
  • Chinese five spices (fennel-pepper-cinnamon-coriander-anisseed-mixture)
  • handful of raisins
  • handful of seroendeng (Indonesian dried coconut & peanut mixture) *
  • dried chili flakes
  • sesame seeds (i may have added some hemp seeds as well..)
  • greens to decorate, such as diced peppers or coriander leafs
  • some oil, sesame or sunflower for example

Toss everything together. Let sit for 10 minutes (or more) so that the tastes can all combine nicely.