This is a great soup, a big hit in my kitchen whenever i make it, be it for myself or for a ceremony or event. It’s vegan and delicious and if you have ever been (or live) in Asia, this will bring ring a sweet bell.

Carrot Curry Soupe recipe

Roast a small handful of cumin and coriander seeds and black pepper corns in a dry pan until fragrant. Then, using a grinder, pulverize the spices.

Cut one pastinaak and twice as much carrot in blender-friendly pieces.

Chop one large onion, three garlic pieces, three stalks of lemongrass and a thumb-size piece of ginger together and lightly fry it in coconut oil.

Then add: one tablespoon of yellow curry paste, the ground spices, some curry powder, the carrot and pastinaak, one small handful of apricots and 400-500 ml of thick coconut milk, one laurel leaf, a handful of kaffir lime leaves and vegetable stock.

Let simmer for a while. When the veggies are soft, take out the laurel and blend until smooth.

Even better the next day! Enjoy.