A few days ago, i found a leftover of soup in my fridge. I wanted to finish it, but felt like eating something more substantial than soup. I took a small oven dish and put in a handful of quinoa, some dried tomatoes, a rosehip, some herbs and spices and then poured in the soup. Wow.

The trick is to combine any tasteful, light soup with quinoa (or couscous, or bulgur) and herbs and put in the oven. Here we have a tomato soup from soup veggies, tomato paste, cooked chick peas (half of those mashed) with cumin, paprika and laurel. If you like spicy food, now is the time to add some harissa or curry paste.

In an oven dish, make a 1 cm layer of quinoa/couscous and for every person, add about 1/2 tbs curry powder, 1/2 tbs sundried tomato, some cinnamon, some kaffir lime leaves (or thinly sliced lemongrass, or grated lemon rind) and other herbs and spices to your liking.

Combine with (leftover?) soup so that there is 3 cm of food in the dish, stir gently and put in the oven, about 30 mins at 180 C.


Even better the next day; reheat with a little bit of soup and serve with crunchy lettuce.