Delicious, old fashioned, simple: my love came up with these when he remembered one of the favorite dishes his mother used to serve when he was little. I took the liberty to add walnuts, hope that’s ok Hanni ;).

So here we go, sweet memories:

Cut the heart from your apple(s), cut in thick slices of at least 1 cm and bake for about 5-7 minutes each side in a frying pan or oven (200 degrees Celsius) with butter or coconut oil.

During the last few minutes, add crumbled walnuts.

On the serving plate, add cinnamon and, if you have a sweet tooth, honey or agave syrup.

Incredibly soothing, this simple yet comforting and delicious dish. Like laying your head in your mom’s lap.

I remember my mom made stuffed apples with almonds and raisins (I think), I’ll have to ask her and will share here if she still remembers!

What’s your favorite mama dish? Enjoy your trip down memory lane and please share below :).