A winner combo: homemade oat milk with turmeric (kurkuma).

The health benefits of turmeric are abundant, just search the web and you’ll find lots of info. One of the favorite ways of taking it, is the famous drink ‘golden milk’: a mix of milk (any kind) and turmeric with added oils and black pepper for better absorption by the body.

The recipe is simple: to my 15 minute oat milk (recipe here), simply add a tablespoon of turmeric, a tablespoon of santen (coconut cream, or use half a can of coconut milk, or fresh of course if you are somewhere tropical) and a few twists of fresh black pepper.

After blending and passing the milk through a sieve, add honey/agave syrup/any other sweetener (I use honey and vanilla sugar) to bring the sweetness to your liking.

I even like to add this to my coffee sub! Or simply drink as is, a small glass a day, especially when your throat aches as turmeric is a master infection killer when used topically.

One last advice: this stuff is used for cloth dyeing and with good reason. It stains like mad. Wear something old ;).