Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the whole day in the kitchen before moving all the dishes over to my mom’s place who had graciously offered to host the family birthday party. It was a perfect day with some of my favorite people :).

This no-bake cake consists of 3 layers plus a fruit topping. It is very dense- rich and filling, so be sure to serve tiny slices. The layers should be distinct in taste: fruity for the top and robust, full and indulgent for the chocolate middle layer.

The beans make for a thick, fudgy chocolate cream. Be sure to add plenty of vanilla to get the richness that cacao deserves. Also, vanilla creates a sweet sensation so you’ll need less dates. You won’t taste the beans, I promise! People have been amazed at how well this works and… beans are good for you!

The crunchy muesli makes for a great dough, especially the nuts one thanks to the healthy fats in there which make it rather buttery, but vegan and good for your heart! We happened to have two kinds of crunchy and it worked out great but if you have only one (preferably the nuts), that will work as well.

I have only roughly estimated the amounts, I’m sure that when you’re in the kitchen getting your hands dirty and tasting lots (yay :P), things will sort themselves out.

Recipe for Chocolate Mango (beans & carrots!) No-Bake Cake

1. For the bottom layer:

1-2 cups crunchy muesli with 4 red fruits
dates to taste
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

2. For the chocolate layer:

3-4 cups nut crunchy muesli with nuts
2 cans of cooked black beans (rinse well)
1 cup of cacao
10-20 dates
1 tablespoon vanilla
2-3 tablespoons coconut oil
pinch of salt

3. For the carrot layer:

1-2 cups crunchy muesli (either nuts of red fruits)
2-3 carrots
pieces of mango
lemon juice and (part of) rind

4. For the fruit layer:

150-200 gr frozen mango pieces (or fresh if you’re in the right climate)
handful of blueberries

For layers 1, 2 and 3: for each layer separately, combine the ingredients in a food processor. Taste and adjust to improve taste and consistency. They should be sticky, sturdy and chewy.

Press the bottom layer in the bottom of the cake form. Use a spoon to smoothly spread the mixture. Next, add in the chocolate layer. And finally, add in the carrot layer.

Top off with a full layer of fruit, which you lightly press into the carrot layer. Enjoy now or refrigerate until shortly before use.