Some time ago, i bought a grill pan at the second hand store. It’s not really a pan, because it’s double-sided like a sandwich maker.

It looked completely clean and unblemished and i, having just returned from Greece holding fresh memories of grilled veggies with olive oil, coarse black pepper and halloumi cheese, i brought it home with me. We’ve been best friends ever since. Nom!

This is the best thing ever. I love the hearty taste of roast skins! (Animal parts never make it to my griller though. Just bread and vegetables and halloumi cheese, and the occasional banana. Really!) For me it’s perfect. I just slice up a courgette (zucchini) or pumpkin, or bell pepper, put a slice of bread next to it and close the pan. Your meal will only take a few minutes.



Here you see zucchini with red onion and buffalo mozzarella cheese, right before i decorated it with olive oil and balsamic sirup and then forgot to photograph it because it looked so damn delicious and i got distracted.

Take care that you don’t burn the veggies. If they burn, the black parts may contain carcinogens. We don’t like carcinogens.