Hey ho, today I thought I’d share a shakshuka-inspired dish with you.

I got to know shakshuka as an Israeli dish where you break and boil eggs in a delicious tomato sauce and serve with bread. All Israelis I’ve met love it and it is a staple food in most foreigner/traveler/backpacker oriented restaurants I’ve seen during my travels.

Here, I am adding a bottom layer of spiced kale and mushrooms (almost the last bit of last year’s forage harvest!).

Actually, this was just a quick way to do something nice for lunch and so I haven’t made my own tomato sauce but used a store bought jar of pasta sauce, perfect for the occasion. Sorry Israeli friends if I dissed your beloved shakshuka by doing so ;).

Recipe for one bowl veggies & eggs

In a pan that will contain all portions and nothing more, heat: olive oil, a chopped piece of onion, some mustard seeds, kale, (dried or fresh) mushrooms.

Let the kale reduce in size, then add a thick layer of tomato (pasta) sauce. Lastly, break eggs on top (one for each person) and sprinkle with salt and Italian or Provence herbs. Cover with a lid (otherwise the eggs won’t solidify).

After 10 minutes or so, test to see if the egg white is solid. There may be fluid on top of your dish, don’t be fooled by this as it is probably just water from the tomato sauce and not raw eggs.

For serving, add olive oil, freshly ground pepper and fresh herbs (here: oregano).

With love,