This is just incredible. So easy, delicious and dare I say… healthy! Definitely a winner.

It started when I wanted to recreate vanilla ice from frozen banana slices. I simply put the banana slices in the blender, added cream and vanilla flavor and.. wow! It worked!

For this variety, I used frozen mango, blueberries and raspberries but really you could use anything your freezer (or the one at the supermarket) has to offer.

I put them in the blender together with some thick coconut cream. For the cream, use santen (creamed coconut) and add some hot water so it becomes thick but fluid, like cream.

The trick is to use the ice cube function or simply pulse your blender and to work quickly. Use a wooden or plastic spoon (metal will damage the blender blade) to quickly stir the fruit in the blender after every few pulses, creating a rather homogenous blend. So pulse-stir, pulse-stir, work quickly before the ice cream melts.

Any leftover coconut cream can be used as topping alongside some beautiful berries and mint leaves.

I really, really love this ice cream and am amazed that it takes nothing more than real fruits, a spoonful of coconut cream and 5 minutes of my time.