Enjoy yoghurt with a coconut twist, or use a non-dairy alternative.

This is super simple and nice. I love adding dried coconut to my (soy) yoghurt. Let it sit in the fridge for some time; the yoghurt will thicken up a bit and take on a coconut flavor.

Next, add berries or any fruit you fancy and garnish with mint, honey and cinnamon.

Of course this is also great with banana and blueberries, or pear and kiwifruit, or strawberries and nectarines, or apple and raisins… or make up your own combo :).

About yoghurt/dairy: be sure to buy organic and take note of the way the animals were treated. Unfortunately, dairy means a calf has been taken away from its mother so that we humans can take her milk. The calf is then slaughtered (if male) or raised with milk substitute (if female) to be a milk cow just like her mom. I do have an ethical issue with this and for me that translates into buying non-dairy milk when I can, and choosing organic when I really want real dairy.

For Dutchies: https://beterleven.dierenbescherming.nl