Bear leek (EN), daslook (NL), Bärlauch (D). We see it more and more in the ‘wild’ here in Holland and luckily, in Germany, it is not rare to see entire fields of the ‘big leaf garlic’. My mother and her beloved Hans grow it in their vegetable garden so I had the opportunity to bring some with me for dinner.

This pesto is perfect with basil (the traditional pesto herb) as well. Just use whatever the season brings!

I love making vegan pestos. Simply use green leafy herbs or vegetables, add nuts or seeds such as walnuts, pumpkin, pine or sunflower seeds, olive oil and a little bit of raw garlic (not too much!).

For this pesto, I used bear leek, spinach, parsley, walnuts, olive oil and water (just enough to help it ‘run’ in the machine). The quantities/ratios don’t really matter! Just try what you like: more green, or more nutty. It all tastes wonderful.

By the way the herb chopper that comes with your stick blender (staafmixer) is perfect for making pestos.

Next blog: this pesto in a delicious oven veggie dish!