Drool alert! Here’s a quickie for everyone out there who owns a juicer: juice 10 lemons and 1-2 hand-sized pieces of ginger. Leave the lemon rind on (if it tastes bitter, find other lemons).

The lemon juice is almost milky, bright yellow and gives a really refreshing kick. It’s so strong people ask me wether it’s concentrate (it’s not). Pure lemon power! Leave the rind on to also reap the benefits of the lemon essential oil; the scent alone is calming and brings life to your cells.

Add a few drops or a few spoons to hot or cold water: both drinks are delicious and very wholesome. Or, even better: have one pure shot in the morning and forget all about coffee.

I found a very cute pinkie-tall little jug (photo) in the second hand store that’s perfect for serving as most people will only add a few drops to their water.

At Boom Festival, i brought a 1.5 liter bottle that lasted all week, making me many friends as well ;).

In India, we would enjoy this drink in sparkling water stirred with salt: the lemon or lime soda.