Detox green smoothie


This smoothie is my favorite thing to drink after my morning runs. It clears and replenishes and I feel as if reborn.

Almost-raw quinoa salad with rhubarb


A deliciously fresh, tangy quinoa salad, light and filling.

We’re used to eating rhubarb sweetened, boiled even to soften it up. But this celery like pink stalk can also be eaten raw and then it has

Rhubarb breakfast bowl & ‘very veggie’ smoothie


I like my smoothies creamy yet light and ‘very veggie’. My love Jan prefers his filling, nutty and just a hint sweeter than I do.

We both often gladly compromise. Other days, we’ll create the very fruity/veggie base,

Colorful stuffed eggs with hummus


A perfect surprise for a potluck: these colorful stuffed eggs. Ingredients: eggs and hummus. Easy-peasy!

These were made with store bought hummus by Maza: one with curry, one with beetroot. Hence the amazing colors. Of course, you could

The amazing green breakfast bowl – by Simone


I don’t mean to be all frantic about green smoothies, but this one actually changed my days. The simple concept of creating a breakfast (or in my case: lunch) bowl out of a smoothie is now a

Bye bye coffee, thanks for everything!


I have always loved my coffee (the smell of the ground beans, the brewing sounds, the heat coming from the cup…), but about three months ago I quit drinking coffee from one day to

You need a system (and so do I)


Fun disclosure: my loved ones will laugh when they read this. As with most of my blogs, I am growing up in public, sharing what works – and doesn’t work – for me, hoping it

Oven roasted veggies


Simply delicious. The tomatoes are what makes this dish amazing. They will release some of their fluid, which then blends with the olive oil and gently caramelizes the veggies beneath them. Plus they look stunning.