This simple combo rocks my mornings these days:

1 celery stalk
1 small apple
3cm piece of cucumber
1 handful of spinach*
2-3 cm lemon grass stalk
1 piece of ginger (to your liking)
spoonful of turmeric powder**
dash of black pepper
5 cashews
good, long squeeze of lemon juice
1 cup of cold green tea***

Blend it all together.

What makes this smoothie fantastic to me, is its tangy freshness. It is not too sweet, nicely green, full of fibers and it has great character because of the celery, turmeric and lemon.


* Leafy greens are great, but it is important to switch every now and then because of their alkaloid contents. Replace the spinach for kale, for example.

By the way, I often use frozen leafs becaus those are super easy to use and have better nutritional values than ‘fresh’ leafs that are a few days old!


** This stuff is one of the most powerful foods in the world and helps fight inflammations and tumors, among many other health benefits. For some time, I have put fresh turmeric in my smoothie each and every morning until I decided to look up if that was even healthy… which, as it turns out, it isn’t.

Because it is so powerful, raw turmeric is treated by the body as a poison and I have read some explanations that really make sense and led me to refrain from eating raw turmeric.

Look up the 1976 (yes, old) Goodpasture and Irrighi study if you want to know more.

Green tea

*** Green tea has been proven to reduce ageing, prolong lifespan and improve health in remarkable ways. Every night, I make a pot full of green tea, drink a cup or two and save the rest for the next morning, where part of it ends in a smoothie and Jan uses the rest for a homemade ice tea.

When brewing green tea, make sure to let the water cool down to 70 degrees Celsius after you boiled it and to take out the tea leaves after 5 minutes.

This smoothie is my favorite thing to drink after my morning runs. It clears and replenishes and I feel as if reborn.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, too 💗.