Recently I was preparing dinner for a family party of eight. As I wanted to spend lots of time with my loved ones and not so much time in the kitchen, I was looking for an easy way to make something nicely filling and beautiful. And cheap.

Enter the Turkish market nearby my temporary home. They sell a kind of ready-made flatbread called sıkma. You’ll find it everywhere in Middle Eastern markets and shops. I decided to use the flatbread as a quick & easy pizza base, adding cheese, tomato slices, olives and herbs, and it turned out really nicely.

The next day I made pizza again and this time I used the leftovers of another dish I had made for the party: zucchini spaghetti.

Recipe Easy Fragrant Homemade Crunchy Crust Pizza

It’s real simple:

Top the flatbread with cheese (I used a combo of cow’s Gouda and goat’s Gouda with coriander seeds) and sliced vegetables such as tomato, olives, thinly sliced mushrooms or zucchini. Basically any pizza topping you like.

Add a herb mixture – I used thyme, oregano, white & black pepper and cayenne.

Put it in the oven (around 180-200 degrees) for 10 miutes or so.

Your pizza is done when the cheese has melted and it’s fragrant and crunchy.