France is for friendship (Summer in a VW campervan II)

Finally, after more than a week of hard work on the VW campervan (Jan) and this new website (me, Judith) we headed south. Starting from the upper north of Germany and with still a long journey ahead of us, we soon reconfirmed that truly the journey IS the destination.

The van is awesome, life rocks and I can not count the times we laughed a big happy smile at each other, just enjoying being on the road.

Two days later, dear friend Ton received us with open arms in his mountain house in the Dordogne, Southern France. We spent a wonderful couple of days with him.

I love to cook outside and Ton’s place is just perfect for that. We had great grilled veggies and cheese with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. I hope to post the recipe soon :). Next day, Ton prepared pasta with a sauce made of home grown ingredients.

Jan took the opportunity to tweak the van a bit further and finish a sliding kitchen cabinet.

It’s often the simplest things in life that fill me with gratitude the most. Plants. Friendship without words. The cool shade of a tree. The sounds of frogs and crickets in the night. Making a campfire together. Sharing a cup of tea. Love and trust. Simplicity and knowing we can have everything, and need almost nothing.


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