We booked our dream!

YAAAY we just booked our next adventure!! THAILAND here we come <3.

Sun and sand

From November 2014 till January 2015, Marco’s photography business and Juuth’s website business will be brought to you from sunny verandas and sandy beaches.

Thailand wedding photography

Marco will be available for destination weddings in the South East Asia region at special discount fee this winter, so now’s definitely the time to propose and fly your loved one to the sun.

Business ‘as usual’

My website business will be running as usual. Wifi connections are plenty and Skype runs smooth from where we are.


Already for years, my love and i have been dreaming about traveling the world, living a location independent lifestyle. Many variations of (business) plans were created and let go of.

Meanwhile, almost silently, our businesses and lives just grew in such a way that now enables us to work from anywhere.

We have both traveled a lot already, but now it does feel a bit different for we are going together. It’s a dream coming true and i can not tell you how blessed i feel every day that this is my life.

If only i could talk to the 15 year old Judith and tell her exactly how wonderful everything will be… wow.

Location independent living

So now, let’s see what this ‘location independent’ hype is all about, right? In this blog i’ll keep you updated on our findings and adventures, so stay tuned!


World wide wedding photography: http://2rings.nl
Website creation & more: In1DagOnline.nl

Thanks to Jackson Cam for being so open to share (through Creative Commons license) his beautiful photo of the island we’ll be staying at.


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