Funnily, here’s a very non-typical impression of the food we ate in India. Not representative, because there’s a big one missing: CURRIES. In the land of curries, i managed to not photograph any of them. Bad foodie.


Shown: Drinking coconut water through a straw. After you’ve drunk all the juice, you go back to the seller and he’ll chop the coconut further. Using one of the chopped coconut pieces as a spoon, you can scoop out the fresh, blubbery coconut meat.


Then, very important: thali (small amounts of curries, dhals and condiments to go with white rice and/or breads such as chapati). So niiiiice! There are many restaurants where they ‘just’ offer one or two or three choices of thali. It gets served on a metal plate with small cups or on a banana leaf and you eat it using only your right hand. It’s an art and we mastered it very quickly.


And finally, shown: salad. Aaahhhh salad. Every few days, we’d find a place where they served them ‘continental’ style. Be it plain lettuce, avocado and tomato, or maybe cabbage, carrot and raisins – my belly was sooo happy. You know, all those curries are delicious but they are also thick with unidentified mixed onions, garlic, spices, ghee (fat) and sugar. I just yearned for raw, freshly cut veggies which were just, and no more than, what they were: veggies.

Missing: curries

NOT SHOWN: all the wonderful, spicy, versatile curries we had. Man, so many curries. One dish per person was usually enough for us (we shared almost all of them). I don’t know how i managed to NOT take ANY curry pictures! It’s crazy.


Spelling, in India, seems to be not taken very seriously. If it sounds somewhat alike, that’s good enough. So you end up eating becked omblets or plane porege. Heck, why not? This girl took a nice menu shot: