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Body, mind & spirit

The way you meet yourself, is the way the world meets you.
(Ananta Kranti)

“What if I fall?”
“Oh but my darling… what if you fly?”
(Erin Hanson)

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Helpful tools for a healthy mind & spirit

Kale chips

If you have never tried these, please do! So simple and delicious. And healthy! Great for iron. Just go easy on the salt.

Massage the kale with a few […]

Oat milk

Cheap and simple. Once you get the hang of it, it will only take 15 minutes to make a liter (or more) of delicious oat milk, way cheaper […]

Mean & green

Stinging nettles everywhere! This is a forager’s feast. I’ve made nettle pesto, nettle garlic butter, nettle soup, nettle tea and nettle smoothie in the past week or so.

Stinging […]

Chai Banana Smoothie

Drinking this smoothie brings them right back to me: memories of cozy Christmas times with family. Maybe that's my way to join you guys in cold and wintery Europe (and the rest of the northern hemisphere) in your holiday season. Of course, i'll especially miss my mum and sisters and their lovers and my little niece who will celebrate her first Christmas ever.

Making your soul smile

Mooji is a wise man. I love listening to his awakened teachings. They bring the mind to a natural rest and warm my heart.

Grill pan

Some time ago, i bought a grill pan at the second hand store. It’s not really a pan, because it’s double-sided like a sandwich maker.

It looked completely clean […]

Where The Hell Is Matt?

One of my all-time favorites. When i first saw this video, a big happy smile came to my face. For it shows shameless ‘bad dancing’ (Matt’s own words) […]

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